How to Prepare Your House for Sale...

Real Estate

The Little Things Can Make A Big Difference. Top 10 items to address!

1. Curb Appeal and Front Door - Make sure it is clean and if needed touch up paint/stain, always sweep away the cob webs too
2. De-clutter - remove items you seldom use, items like extra magazines, pillows, and toys should be put away
3. Kitchen - make sure you have a clean oven/stove, dishwasher, and refrigerator. Everything needs to look shiny as possible. Countertops should be clean and free of clutter so the space feels and looks bigger.
4. Bathrooms - All tile, grout, and other surfaces should be clean and free of soap scum and no leaky faucets 
5. Windows - make sure they are clean and be sure to open window treatments to make home brighter
6. Closets & Doors - keep neat and organized so that they seem larger (declutter). Make sure all doors latch and don’t need adjustments.
7. Utility Spaces - basement, garage, laundry, and engineer closet areas should be as neat as possible. Change the filter on furnace, wipe down water heater, furnace, and other major appliances that will be seen by potential buyers.
8. Making Repairs Now - if closet doors or screen doors are off-track, doorknobs are loose, or dripping faucets or toilets; let’s get those fixed. Don’t forget to clean spots on carpet. We don’t want to loose a deal over repairs you can take care of yourself. 
9. Lighting - make sure all light bulbs are working, this comes up on most inspection reports and usually is a red flag that it could be an electrical issue and besides most people don’t like a dark home.
10. You’re Ready for Your First Showing, please turn on all lights if possible and leave the house in plenty of time before your potential buyer shows up with their agent. Your hard work will pay off and potentially bring Top Dollar!